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  • Versace Sunglasses Attract Big Buyers

    18 Jun 2014

    Versace sunglasses adVersace, an iconic fashion company is looking to raise some private money. It has been reported that Versace that is  currently fully controlled by Versace family - sister Donatella, niece Allegra and brother Santo, is looking to sell 20% of stake to raise necessary money to keep the brand in development.

    Versace sunglasses are one of the major accessory products that Versace is manufacturing along with bags, shoes and belts to accompany fashionable clothing. Very elaborate sunglasses designs with rather big Versace meduza logo have made a name a decade ago. Versace brand was among the first to start designing eyeglasses. Just to give you an idea, Tiffany & Co just started 5 years ago and Tom Ford just 4 years ago.

    When many companies are trying to compete in difficult market conditions by selling out the majority of stake via acquisitions or IPO, Versace prefers to keep private and control the company development.

  • Most Fashionable Sochi Uniforms

    27 Jan 2014
    United States Sochi Team Uniform

    Who said that Olympic Games is only about sport? In our commercial world Olympics is also about fashion! We can't wait to see all the uniforms on the opening ceremony in Sochi that is only two weeks away. But we were very impatient and researched which team is the most fashionable. It's worth mentioning that it became a tradition for various big brands to compete for sponsorship of the uniform. In United States and Canada a label that wins a deal will supply the uniforms for free, and in addition will donate undisclosed amount of money to the Olympic fund. But in return the brand will gain incredible amount of free publicity and cash out on sales of uniforms to the public.

    United States Sochi Olympic team is dressed by Ralph Lauren. He was also a sponsor of London Olympic. This time all uniforms are made in the USA and even out of domestically soursed materials. If you want to have a sweater just like Shaun White, get ready to shell $495!

    Canadian Olympic team will be dressed by Hudson Bay for the n-th time. Bay has been official supplier of winter and summer Olympic teams for close to 100 years. Canadian uniforms are made in the traditional sport style. It's all about confort for Canadians. Lose sweaters, wool coats and warm mittens in black, white and read colors will become your all time classics. Since Bay is a people's brand, the price tag for the uniform is more affordable than RL. Wool coat is $275, t-shirt $20 and mittens are only $10!

  • Two Days Left Before Christmas Delivery Deadline

    15 Dec 2013

    There are still 10 days before Christmas for shopping. But if you are bargain hunter and prefer to buy gifts on the Internet, you really only have two days left. Even the most efficient stores need 1-2 days to process the order. Mail takes 3-5 days. 

    The secret to shopping online is being decisive. Chances are you have never held the item you are buying in your hands. So there is a lot of guessing to do about quality, size or even colors. While picture is worth a thousand words, it still not always reflect the real items. Touching, feeling and seeing a real item can't be replaced with picture. But online shopping brings many benefits. Price is one of them of course. Selection is another big benefit of shopping online.

    When it comes to buying glasses or sunglasses online, any descent online optical store, such as GlassesBazaar for example has a selection 5-10 times larger than any retail store. If you are hunting for a brand name pair of glasses, chances are you have tried it before. Perhaps you even have one pair already, but looking for a replacement pair of a gift for your friend who has been complimenting you on these sunglasses so much. Why not buying him or her a same pair of sunglasses. This is what friends are for.