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2014 a Year of Colorful Men Eyewear

15 April 2014

In the past few years men eyewear was seeing a style downtrend. Back to basics, back to retro. Black plastic frames were dominating the style chart. Perfectly round shapes were in last year. 2014 is in a full bloom with spring designs. And we are excited because color is a new thing among men glasses. 

Color does not necessarily mean avant-garde or loud. In fact, this year's trend is into a color accent and a subtle colors in men glasses. Something men will be able to use for everyday wear - dark purple, navy, burgundy and color combinations with grey, black and a bright color of orange, red or green.

Making a nice color combinations while keeping them wearable is not a trivial task. Designing of such glasses needs a lot of trial and error, discussions, arguments and ultimately risking. Some brands produced stunning glasses collections this year. Lightec, OGA, Nomad have done a remarkable job for men. Have a look at our favorites.

Designing of colorful men frames is one challenge, but making them is a completely different problem. It is easy enough to injection mold a pair of plastic frames. But to make a nice metal glasses, especially in color is just like making a nice pair of ladies earrings or wearable jewelry. It needs highest technologies and our favorite brands have mastered them all.

Each designer brand has signature pairs. Lightec glasses for example are known for using carbon fibre in combination of color. The idea is just so good, it's mind blowing!

LIGHTEC glasses 7146L

OGA glasses brand is known for handcrafted wooden temples. Not even one the same because they are really hand carved.

OGA glasses 6902O

Nomad utilizes the 3D technologies to solder the temples out of different types of metals to achieve a depth design.