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Dior Sunglasses

Dior sunglasses is inseparable part of Dior brand fashion identity. Since the very beginning Christian Dior recognized the power of eyeglasses as part of entire fashion look. He put eyewear on the map of fashion. Today Dior sunglasses are among not only most desired, but even among most collectible glasses in the world.

Dior sunglasses are grouped into collections such as LadyLady, Mongagne, LadyDior. They are also grouped by a campaign. Last and this year was about American singer Rihanna. Rihanna widely promoted futuristing looking Dior sunglasses model SoReal and also participated in design of Rihanna Dior sunglasses collection.

Once you first put on Dior sunglasses you will feel you have something very special on your face. Dior sunglasses are not just to protect from sun, they are to shape your fashion look and provide a tool for you to make personal statement and stand up from the crowd.