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Dior Glasses

Dior glassesDior glasses is an inseparable part of entire Dior brand identity. Dior designers put a lot of emphasis on designing most fashionable and striking glasses on the market. Dior glasses are not your typical glasses frames. They are far more into the future demanding courage and individuality from its wearer.

Dior glasses are very comfortable. They are made from special acetate material that reacts with your skin heat allowing glasses to bend into your head shape. Dior glasses are collectible. Known glasses collections such as famed Elizabeth Taylor collected Dior glasses for their unique features and design.

Current Dior designer is a feminist woman Maria Gracia Chiuri, who came to Dior directly from Valentino. She set a new philosophy into the brand to aid women in their confidence and help women to be more open minded when it comes to fashion and accessories. Current Dior glasses collection is elegant, yet is made to make a fashion and political statement that woman is powerful and Dior woman will rule the world.