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Dior glasses have always been inseparable part of Dior fashion. During the presentation of last season Dior ready-to-wear collection sunglasses were on every third model on the runway. The word eyewear belongs to Dior and Dior style. Every pair of Dior glasses and sunglasses is a fashion masterpiece that matches current fashion trends while remaining relevant years to come.

Today's fashion is about challenging the world demanding freedom of style. Dior style has always been around beauty and elegance, red lipstick and large bows. Today same elements have transitioned into more hidden with black and brown colors taking over. Dior glasses today is all about the shape, the details and about the style.

Dior glasses is about comfort too. Most of Dior glasses are made from Optyl, a hypoallergenic, soft acetate that slightly bends taking the shape of your individual head. So it's not only about fashion at Dior, it's also about comfort.